Cedre Csillagi

Cedre CsillagiCedre Csillagi has been tattooing in the Bay Area for over fourteen years and specializes in botanicals, space, painting duplications and food tattoos! You can find more finished tattoo photos on her website. To book a consultation please email cedreink@gmail.com.

“Cedre Csillagi is the artist who tattooed both of my sleeves, and working with her was one of the best experiences of my life. She is a genius tattoo artist, and also an amazingly sweet and thoughtful person. She’s conscientious, clearly states her policies, and makes the whole creative process­­from conceptualizing to drawing review and revision to actual outline and color work­­absolutely enjoyable. She is worth every penny, and I recommend paying for a great tattoo artist. The end result is worth it.”

264 14th Street between Alice and Harrison Streets Oakland, California